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As their name suggests, the Western Subterranean Termite is the most common termite for the western part of the United States. This means they can be found in our area at times. However, McKinney Pest Control & Exterminator technicians maintain knowledge of pests throughout the United States. This allows them to be prepared when/if a foreign pest is introduced to the McKinney, Texas area.

McKinney Pest Control & Exterminator: Western Subterranean Termites

Western Subterranean Termites McKinney, Texas

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This termite species usually builds its colony underground just below the frost line yet still above the water table.

Western Subterranean Termites enter homes by squeezing through the cracks found in foundations or other building materials. In fact, they can squeeze through cracks as small 1/16 of an inch wide.

Their food of choice is the cellulose part of wood which is found in walls, floors, dressers, tables, etc. Their damage is normally found on the first floor of the home and in the basement. One can find evidence of them in their tunnels and in their swarming behavior.

McKinney Pest Control & Exterminator provides both termite removal and termite prevention. Call us at (214) 620-0921 today to find out how you can protect your home!


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