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Bed bugs can cause a variety of health problems such as allergic reactions and several diseases. Getting bed bugs in your home can be caused by a variety of different things. If you recently went on vacation they could have easily hitched a ride on any of your luggage or clothes. Living in close proximity to other people can be the cause of the bed bugs as well, such as apartments or even very close homes.

Often times you are the one to bring bed bugs into your home unknowingly. Used furniture or clothes can sometimes have bed bugs hiding inside. Be sure to thoroughly inspect any used furniture that you bring into your home.

How did you get bed bugs?

Bed bugs can get into your home by:

  • Coming in on clothes, shoes, or luggage.
  • Infested items being brought in such as furniture, clothing, or stuffed animals.
  • Migration of bed bugs from nearby dwellings that are infested such as adjacent apartments or office spaces. Bed bugs easily travel through ductwork and false ceilings.

How to Treat Them

Treating bed bugs is not an easy process because of how well they hide. They are generally nocturnal, making them extremely hard to find. Bed bugs will often hide in dark crevices and their eggs will be nested in the seams of fabric or on mattresses. When getting rid of bed bugs it is best to call a professional. If bed bugs are removed improperly they can come right back and the problem can be worse. Our McKinney pest control professionals would be happy to help you get rid of your bed bug problem,  just give us a call.

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