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Brown Recluse Spider Removal

Our pest control professionals are experts at removing spiders in McKinney. Spiders are generally not a big deal to have in a home. However there are some spiders that are dangerous to have around. The brown recluse is one of these spiders.

The brown recluse is a common poisonous spider in TX. It is often very timid and hides in dark and secluded places.

Spider Extermination

If you see a spider in your home, you should contact one of our experts at (214) 620-0921 immediately. If you find one spider in your home there are likely many many more lurking near by. There are two poisonous spiders in the McKinney area: the black widow and the brown recluse. You should give our experts a call if you think you’ve spotted either one of these poisonous spiders in or near your residence.

How To Identify Brown Recluse

The brown recluse that’s found in McKinney, Texas isn’t very large. Typically, it will be a golden-brown color, with a black line on its back. The web of these often doesn’t look similar to the webs of others. It is often disorganized and does not make a nice pattern. The brown recluse is often discovered in garages, basements, sheds, and closets.

Brown recluses are usually not aggressive. It is very normal to live in a structure that infested with brown recluses and never get bitten. Most bites happen because of body pressure, when spider is accidentally caught against exposed skin it will bite in self defense. The bite can often occur when moving objects, putting on shoes, or putting on clothes.

The brown recluse bite is usually painless at first. The bite site will then become red and swollen bringin on other more severe symptoms.

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