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As their name suggests, the Desert Subterranean Termite is located in hot, dry, desert areas of the United States. This means they can be found in the McKinney, Texas area depending on the levels of humidity and rainfall.

Desert Subterranean Termites


As their only species that has the ability to burrow and feed in dry conditions, Desert Subterranean Termites are found in areas of the United States with dry climates. This tends to be New Mexico, Arizona, Western Texas, and Southern California.

They differ in appearance from other termites in that they have long slender mandibles instead of the normal stout wide mandibles seen in other species. In addition, their soldiers are much smaller allowing them to penetrate smaller cracks and openings than other species.

Signs Of Infestation

When a home or business is infested with desert subterranean termites one will often see small mud tubes hanging from shelves, overhangs, wood ceilings, and such. Their food of choice, like many others is the cellulose part of the wood.

People often discover they have been infested by finding damaged wood. You may also find mud tunnels extending from the ground up the woodwork. If you suspect you have an infestation, you can call us to schedule your termite inspection.

In some places, this pest can deal serious damage like in schools or your office. They can deal with damage to your papers and files especially the important ones. So the most important thing to do is prevent them from dealing damage before they can.

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